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3 Early Signs of a Toxic Relationship



Today, you will hear about three early signs that someone you have just met will develop into a toxic relationship. You also discover the causes of a toxic relationship and the solutions preventing a relationship that’s draining and abusive. Many people don’t see it coming because they grew up around this behavior. It’s normal to them, and it doesn’t hit their danger threshold. These types of relationships usually become toxic, abusive, and unhealthy. Here are the 3 points that covered in this episode: Three early warning sign behaviors to watch for. What to do to take care of yourself What to do to stop attracting the type of people that behave that way. The first sign is Troubled Communication. Not being understood by your partner can create resentment and anger leading you down the fast path to a poor relationship.  Every great relationship has great communication.  Every relationship with great communication is great.  If you don’t trust the other to be clear and honest, it