Scientific Healing With Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

How People Pleasing Keeps You Stuck in Abusive Relationships



Do you come running when your spouse is upset about the most trivial things?  Do you want to fix him/her so he/she can calm down? Do you want your children to grow up with a father, even it is living like this? Listen in as Mary tries to appease John. And why she continued in this relationship for a long time even though she was unhappy. Hear some perspectives of other people that either grew up in such parental relationships or lived with it. Standout Quotes for Getting Help in Abusive Relationships: “Sometimes, a trigger will help propel you forward to seek help.” “History will repeat itself until you choose to stop them.” “You can get help. You just have to reach out and ask for it.” Key Takeaways for Healing Abusive Relationships: Relationships are energetically complex. It is in women’s nature to be a caregiver, even if it’s detrimental to themselves. Seek help and get advice. You can’t know and do everything. Episode Timeline: 1:27 Mary knows somethin