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20: An Academic Neurosurgeon Discusses What His Job is Like



Session 20 Dr. Stephen Grupke is an attending Neurosurgeon at the University of Kentucky. In our episode today, he discusses the residency path to neurosurgery, what makes you a competitive applicant, his typical day, the types of patients and cases he serves, what he likes best and least about his subspecialty, and more. Stephen and I went to https://www.nymc.edu/ (New York Medical College) together. Currently, he is a neurosurgeon in an academic facility and a new faculty being an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky. [01:30] Choosing the Specialty Stephen knew he wanted to be a neurosurgeon when he was in graduate school. Being a chem major in undergrad, he was working in a lab in grad school. A neurosurgery resident at New York Medical College did a research under his belt and took Stephen under his wing doing experiments and showing him different amazing stuff and he was just taken by it right there. That was actually the first time he saw what it's like to be a neurosurgeon and it was som