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15: Interventional Radiology: A Community Doc Shares His Story



Session 15 This week, I speak with Dr. Fayyaz Barodawala, a community-based Interventional Radiologist from Atlanta, Georgia, about his career decisions, what an IR physician does on a daily basis, the struggles and triumphs that come along with his practice and specialties opportunities outside IR and other interesting topics like exclusive hospital contracts and artificial intelligence replacing diagnostics. [01:15] Choosing Interventional Radiology Practicing medicine since 2005, Fayyaz knew he wanted to be an Interventional Radiologist on one particular day during his third day of medical school. He initially found interest in plastic surgery, vascular surgery, and orthopedics. He had exposure to medicine growing up with his parents both physicians but it was on his third year, surgical rotation that he remembered being chewed out after having observed a surgical procedure passively for so long. During that same day, he went to see a family friend how happened to be called in for a pulmonary arteriogram