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12: A Private-Practice Facial Plastic Surgeon Shares His Story



Session 12 Dr. Chung is a solo private practice Facial Plastic Surgeon. He discusses his path through ENT residency and what he likes and dislikes about his job. Today's guest on Specialty Stories is a solo private practice facial plastic surgeon. It's a great specialty, super sub-specialized specialty of ear, nose, and throat surgeons, or otolaryngology. And Victor, or Dr. Chung, is going to join us and tell us all about it. [02:15] A Personal Choice to Be in Private Practice Dr. Chung practices facial plastics and reconstructive surgery as a subspecialty of otolaryngology; ear, nose and throat surgery. He considers himself as one of the rare breed of private practice, truly private practice solo by himself, the only physician in the office which is an interesting kind of hybrid situation. As a specialist, he is affiliated with a number of the hospitals in the San Diego area, however, he’s not officially on staff who who has to be in the hospital all the time. Nevertheless, he does consultation and coverag