The Nosleep Podcast

NoSleep Podcast S16E16



It’s Episode 16 of Season 16. Our correspondence warns us to avoid the great outdoors.   “A Fairytale” written by Jeanette Brown (Story starts around 00:08:25) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Jeff Clement Cast: Narrator – Nichole Goodnight “Whistler” written by Carol-Anne Morris (Story starts around 00:30:45) Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Narrator – Kyle Akers “A Small Light” written by Sara Century (Story starts around 00:42:45) Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Narrator – Wafiyyah White, Ashley – Nichole Goodnight “Elafiphobia” written by Marn S. (Story starts around 01:12:15) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Narrator – Mary Murphy, Annie – Kristen DiMercurio, Hunter – Graham Rowat “Pine Palaces “ written by Elias Witherow (Story starts around 01:28:00) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Jesse Cornett Cast: Narrator – Graham Rowat, Carter – Atticus Jackson, Ken – Jesse Cornett, Penny – Nichole Goodnight     This episode is sponsored by: Betterhelp – Betterhelp’s mission is making professio