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BEST OF: Brain Health with Dr. Georgia Ede - Episode 2101



Episode 2102 - On this Saturday BEST OF show, Dr. Georgia Ede joins Vinnie Tortorich. The two talk biases, variables, epidemiological studies, the relationship between good nutrition and brain health, artificial sweeteners and more.  Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS She went to medical school in Vermont. Dr. Ede her residency at Harvard for four years. Dr. Ede believes that for many, it is easier to believe that saturated fat is what causes fat. Not always financial bias. Ex: Loma Linda University study (promotes vegetarian diet) found that saturated fats hurt mice (they ignored that also in the higher fat diet was a MUCH greater amount of sugar). Other studies that say meat is bad removed all processed foods at the same time. There are no pure studies that say animal foods are bad for your health. She believes removing the processed foods is where the money is at . Now, Dr. Georgia does not eat plant foods or dairy.