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Welcome to Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast with Stephanie Soebbing. Hear interviews with influential and interesting people in the quilting world, learn about new quilting books and notions and hear some fun quilting stories. Listen to each new episode while you are sewing. Produced by Quilt Addicts Anonymous blogger, teacher and pattern designer Stephanie Soebbing.


  • Episode 48 - Jessica VanDenburgh

    Episode 48 - Jessica VanDenburgh

    20/07/2018 Duración: 34min

    Welcome to Episode 48 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week our guest is pattern and fabric designer Jessica VanDenburgh of Sew Many Creations. I've known Jessica for a few years from meeting her at various quilting industry events, and I spoke with her at Quilt Market in Portland about her brand-new fabric line, Gypsy, for Windham Fabrics, which is due out in shops in October, including ours at Before we get to the interview, I wanted to let you all know what's been going on at Quilt Addicts Anonymous. We've been pumping out tons of great content in 2018, and the latest is our Hillside and Jelly Roll Rug video tutorials which have been big hits with the quilting community so far on YouTube. And if you missed it, be sure to check out my Free Online Beginner Quilting course which is great for first-timers as well as quilting veterans looking for a refresher course. We've also been added a fun new Crafting With Kids video series in which myself and

  • Episode 47 - Frank Bennett, CEO of National Quilt Museum

    Episode 47 - Frank Bennett, CEO of National Quilt Museum

    21/06/2018 Duración: 28min

    Welcome to Episode 47 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast! We're so excited to be back with another episode after a break. We're back with an interview with Frank Bennett, the CEO of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. We spoke with Frank while we were in Paducah for AQS QuiltWeek in April, and things have been a bit crazy over here at Quilt Addicts Anonymous ever since. As soon as I returned I had to hustle to finish multiple projects for Quilt Market in Portland. Check out my vlog that I did by clicking here to see all that went into getting ready for quilt market and the different projects I created. Also during that time we were working on shooting photos for my first book, Simple Quilts for the Modern Home, which is available for preorder. After that, we zeroed in on the launch of our FREE Beginner Quilting series sponsored by QT Fabrics. The series consists of 12 videos and teaches you everything you need to know about quilting from beginning to end. It has been great t

  • Episode 46 - Bari J.

    Episode 46 - Bari J.

    20/04/2018 Duración: 28min

    Welcome to Episode 46 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. I am very excited because today’s guest is Bari J. Ackerman, a painter, textile designer and home décor designer. I’ve admired Bari J.’s work for a long time. Her Instagram feed brings me joy every time she shares an image. I just love her curated maximalist style where more is more. Someday when I have time and budget, I would love to get just an ounce of her style into my home. Before we get to the interview I would love to tell you a little bit about what is going on behind the scenes over at Quilt Addicts Anonymous. I am recording this in the one day I have off between vending at the International Quilt Expo Chicago and AQS QuiltWeek Paducah. It has been a crazy week and it is about to get crazier. Make sure you come visit us at Booth #2106 and mention you heard this podcast to get a FREE pattern with any $10 purchase. We also have buy three, get the fourth free on all Quilt Addicts Anonymous patterns. And we are bringing yar

  • Episode 45 - Malka Dubrawsky

    Episode 45 - Malka Dubrawsky

    11/04/2018 Duración: 44min

    Welcome to Episode 45 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we are bringing back Malka Dubraswky to talk about her new fabric collection, Mark to Make, for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. You may remember Malka from her appearance on Episode 7 of Sit & Sew Radio, which you can listen to by clicking here. Before we get to the interview, we want to tell you a little bit about what is going on behind the scenes at Quilt Addicts Anonymous. The past week or so has been all about getting ready for our first trips to Chicago and Paducah! We are vending at Quilt Festival Chicago April 12-14 and then we’re going right to Kentucky for AQS QuiltWeek Spring Paducah 2018 April 18-21. If you are going to make it to one of the shows, we’d love for you to come say hi! We’ll be at Booth #2007 in Chicago and Booth #2106 in Paducah. Mention Sit & Sew Radio at our booth and get one of our $12 patterns for FREE with a $10 purchase at either show. We’ve also been spending a lot of time and effort on

  • Episode 44 - Steph Skardal

    Episode 44 - Steph Skardal

    22/03/2018 Duración: 29min

    Welcome to Episode 44 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we have two Stephanies on the show! Joining me is Steph Skardal, whose quilt "Going Up" won Best In Show at Quiltcon 2018 in Pasadena, Calif. Before we learn more about Stephanie Skardal, we have some awesome news to report. Sit & Sew Radio was recently named a top five sewing podcast by the Art Gallery Fabrics creative blog. We are thrilled to get this sort of recognition for the podcast and want to thank all of our past guests and listeners for helping to make it possible. Click here to check out the top five list so you can add some other great sewing podcasts to your favorites. Also, we have lots of great new stuff for you to check out at We've recently added Cotton+Steel basics, pre-cuts and canvas to our fabric lineup, in addition to Alison Glass Sun Print 2018 pre-cuts. Just go to our See What's New section to check out all of our newest arrivals. Steph Skardal, award-winning

  • Episode 43 - A chat with new FreeSpirit owner, Scott Fortunoff

    Episode 43 - A chat with new FreeSpirit owner, Scott Fortunoff

    01/03/2018 Duración: 21min

    Welcome to Episode 43 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. If you have been anywhere near your phone or a computer and you follow the who’s who of quilting celebrities on social media, chances are you heard the news that FreeSpirit has gotten a new lease on life. The brand that is home to some of the most well-known fabric designers in the industry was purchased by Jaftex, a family-owned company that also owns Henry Glass, Studioe, Blank Quilting and many more popular sewing industry brands. Scott Fortunoff, one of the fourth-generation owners of Jaftex came on the show to talk about the acquisition, how they plan to make FreeSpirit profitable and how this was the deal of a lifetime. The Kaffe Fassett Collective, Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner and many other big designers are staying on with FreeSpirit under the new owners, and much of the support staff will remain in place as well. Scott Fortunoff, fourth generation owner Jaftex Scott and I also talk about the history of Jaftex, how it h

  • Episode 42 - The end of Free Spirit and what it means for the quilting industry

    Episode 42 - The end of Free Spirit and what it means for the quilting industry

    15/02/2018 Duración: 38min

    Welcome to Episode 42 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we are taking a look at the closing of Free Spirit. On Monday the quilt industry was rocked by news that North American Crafts has decided to close its Lifestyle Fabrics business, which includes fabrics produced by Free Spirit and Westminister Fabrics/Fibers. The news was made public when the Craft Industry Alliance shared a copy of the email sent to fabric designers informing them of the imminent closure. The reasoning given was that, “Despite our best efforts, we have continued to struggle with an inherent weakness in the business model and have not be able to demonstrate a profit.” There was no warning that this was coming. Designers were actively working on new collections and promoting ones to be released in June and later after the company will cease its operations. My fabric rep was hundreds of miles from home, meeting with shops and taking orders. The Free Spirit Marketing team sent an email to shop owners promo

  • Episode 41 - Natalia Bonner

    Episode 41 - Natalia Bonner

    10/02/2018 Duración: 39min

    Welcome to Episode 41 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we have Natalia Bonner back on the show talking about her latest book, "Visual Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Feathers." Natalia was one of the first guests on this podcast and since that first appearance I have sent her several of my tops to be quilted. She is very talented and almost always includes fabulous feathers on everything I send her. Real quick before we get into the meat of the interview, we've got some new goodies over at We have a boatload of new pre-cuts from Anna Maria Horner, Carolyn Friedlander, Amy Butler and Maywood Studio. Plus, Dimensions Block of the Month books are now available for purchase and we've got a bunch of new patterns to inspire you including the super popular Lisa the Unicorn by Elizabeth Hartman, the creator of Fancy Forest. So click here to check out all the new goodies and get inspired for your next project. Natalia Bonner, Professional Quilter, Auth

  • Episode 40 - Shell Rummel

    Episode 40 - Shell Rummel

    26/01/2018 Duración: 53min

    Welcome to Episode 40 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we have Shell Rummel on, and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce her to you all. Shell is a fine artist whose watercolor designs are licensed by the Free Spirit/Coats team to bring fabulous modern coastal quilting fabric to all of us. But Shell is far more than just a fabric designer. Her designs are also available as bedding and bath sets, rugs, silk pillows, wall paper and even house paint. And between now and February 9, 2018 you can save 25 percent on all Shell Rummel fabric we have in stock over at using the coupon code SEWSHELL. Real quick before we get to the episode, make sure you head over to to sign up for the Dimensions Block of the Month by January 31, 2018 when sign ups close! I just love this Block of the Month design because each month we are just using two fabrics, one solid and one Kinkame Shades ombre fabric available through Clothworks

  • Episode 39 - Darlene  Andy Girton, the Featherweight Doctors

    Episode 39 - Darlene & Andy Girton, the Featherweight Doctors

    06/01/2018 Duración: 48min

    Welcome to Episode 39 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we are excited to have Darlene and Andy Girton of This husband and wife turned their passion for Singer Featherweights into a business in which they buy and restore the fabled workhorse sewing machines. They restore the machines to their original beauty or if you want something a little funkier, can create some pretty crazy finishes as well. We also give you a behind-the-scenes look into what Stephanie Soebbing is up to this week. Which basically is lots and lots of filming video tutorials for Dimensions - the 2018 Quilt Addicts Anonymous Block of the Month. Click here to read more about Dimensions and to sign up. Sign-ups are are open through the end of January and the first of 11 blocks, along with the pattern book, will be shipped in February. Also over at Quilt Addicts Anonymous, the Semi Annual Clearance Sale is going on. There are nearly 100 fabrics, patterns and books marked down 40% to 6

  • Episode 38 - Anna Bates

    Episode 38 - Anna Bates

    22/12/2017 Duración: 30min

    Welcome to Episode 38 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we are excited to have quilt blogger and traveler Anna Bates on the show. We found Anna on YouTube when we came across her Quilt Roadies channel. More than a year ago Anna and her husband, G, bought a small motorhome and decided to hit the road with their dog, Enzo, to see the country – and, naturally, all of the quilt shops along the way! The couple decided to document their quilt stops with videos on YouTube to promote all of the wonderful, and unique, brick and mortar quilt shops out there. We are also excited here at Quilt Addicts Anonymous to announce that our limited edition Medallion Star quilt kits, in both Lyla Damask and Pixie Dots colorways, are ready to ship! We’ve talked about Medallion Star, the latest pattern by Stephanie Soebbing, on the podcast before. Just type in MEDALLION10 when you check out at to save 10 percent on your kit! The coupon expires on January 4, 2018.   An

  • Episode 37 - Christa Watson and Tiffany Jawor-Smith

    Episode 37 - Christa Watson and Tiffany Jawor-Smith

    07/12/2017 Duración: 01h09min

    Welcome to Episode 37 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we are thrilled to have Sit & Sew Radio alum Christa Watson back on the show for a third time. I interviewed Christa for this week’s episode here at Quilt Addicts Anonymous headquarters after she taught a class at our shop. Also joining us on this week’s show is Tiffany Jawor-Smith, the Marketing Brand Manager at Ink & Arrow. We chat a bit about her background and then get into the Ink & Arrow brand, which is the modern arm of Quilting Treasures, and what’s next for the fabric company. We are big fans of Ink & Arrow, because without them our latest pattern, Medallion Star, could not have happened! And speaking of Medallion Star, we have limited edition quilt kits available in two colorways with guaranteed Christmas delivery! Click here to order yours. There is no coupon code for this week’s podcast, but be on the lookout for our upcoming 12 Days of Christmas deals beginning Friday at shop.quiltaddictsano

  • Episode 36 - April Jouse and Carmichael

    Episode 36 - April Jouse and Carmichael

    17/11/2017 Duración: 32min

    Welcome to Episode 36 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This episode is all about travel opportunities for quilters. I personally love checking out new quilt shops when I travel and we've got some really fun shop hops and fiber activities you can check out while you are on the go. This week we don't have a coupon because we have already started our Black Friday madness over at Our Black Friday Preview Sale is already live with nearly 100 fabrics and bundles on sale for 50% off. And we're about to announce a bunch more deals and pretty much everything in the store. So make sure you sign up for emails so you will be the first to know about all the fabulous deals. April Jouse, Director of Opperations, EVFAC April Jouse works at a pretty cool place. The Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center is a haven for fiber artists in northern New Mexico. The 7,000 square foot facility has classes for kids and adults on basically anything you would want to know involving

  • Episode 35 - Tula Pink

    Episode 35 - Tula Pink

    01/11/2017 Duración: 36min

    Welcome to Episode 35 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. This week we are thrilled to have renowned fabric designer Tula Pink as our guest. Tula, who just released her 25th fabric collection at Fall Quilt Market this past weekend, has withstood the test of time and remains a creative force in the industry. Speaking of market, we just unveiled our own new pattern, Medallion Star, to glowing reviews in Houston. Use this week’s coupon code MEDALLION10 to save $2 on a Medallion Star pattern at It was so much fun to talk to Tula Pink, but this episode brought with it some new challenges. I spoke to Tula the week before market about her fantastic new products, AND I COULDN’T SAY A WORD ABOUT IT TO ANYONE. Not even my husband. In our interview, Tula discusses her great efforts ahead of this year’s market to keep her newest fabric collection top secret. In the past, word always seemed to creep out ahead of time. Now that market is over, I can’t wait to share thi

  • Episode 34 - Teresa Silva and Linda Pumphrey

    Episode 34 - Teresa Silva and Linda Pumphrey

    20/10/2017 Duración: 49min

    Welcome to Episode 34 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. In this week’s episode we chat with Teresa Silva and Linda Pumphrey, two women who have carved out a career in the quilting industry and have recently released books. We also introduce this week’s coupon code! Just type in STASHIN at checkout to receive 25% off your first month when you order a Stashin’ with Stephanie subscription. Each month Stephanie will send you 12 fat quarters for $29.99 plus shipping of her favorite, and often brand-new, fabrics in our shop. Read more about Stashin’ with Stephanie here. Our first guest on this week’s episode of Sit & Sew Radio is Teresa Silva, who is a self-taught longarm quilter who recently released her first book, Longarm Quilting Workbook: Basic Skills, Techniques & Motifs for Modern Longarming. Teresa has been longarming for customers for six years and her clientele includes some of the biggest names in the industry, including Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, who wrote the forew

  • Episode 33 - Quilts and Human Rights with Laura McDowell Hopper

    Episode 33 - 'Quilts and Human Rights' with Laura McDowell Hopper

    06/10/2017 Duración: 01h03s

    For Episode 33 I hit the road to DeKalb, IL to check out the "Quilts and Human Rights" exhibit at Northern Illinois University's Pick Museum of Anthropology. “Quilts and Human Rights” includes more than 50 quilts centered around themes of social justice from all over the world. These quilts were powerful, relevant and at times uncomfortable to look at while touching on important topics such as civil rights, sexual assault, immigration, race relations, apartheid and more. Real quick before we get into some really important topics in the quilting world and in society today. We have a special coupon code for this episode so listeners can save 25 percent on any single regular priced item at Just enter SEW33 at checkout to save. Laura McDowell Hopper, textile curator Back for her third appearance on the Sit & Sew Radio podcast is Laura McDowell Hopper. She is a curator at the Pick Museum by day and a quilt blogger at by night. Laura takes Stephanie throu

  • Episode 32 - Were back with Stephanie Soebbing and Adam Soebbing

    Episode 32 - We're back with Stephanie Soebbing and Adam Soebbing

    21/09/2017 Duración: 33min

    We at Quilt Addicts Anonymous are proud to announce the return of the Sit & Sew Radio podcast! Plus we have a special 25 percent off coupon code that you can use on products we sell over at by all of our previous guests! It’s been awhile since we last spoke to you, April 21 to be exact. So much has happened since then, and we’ll tell you all about it in Episode 32! At the end of the episode, we'll give you the coupon code as a gift to all of our fans that missed the show while we were gone! The sale covers more than 350 items including products from Kaffe Fasset, Alison Glass, Aurifil thread, batiks and much much more! But you’ll have to listen to Episode 32 to get the coupon code, which will be good for through 11:59 p.m. PST Saturday, September 23, 2017. Click here to browse all the great goodies that are included in the sale. Quilt Addicts Anonymous husband Adam Soebbing returns as guest in Episode 32 to chat with me, QAA creator/designer/owner Stephanie Soebbing, about a

  • Episode 31 - Amanda Murphy and Rebecca Bryan

    Episode 31 - Amanda Murphy and Rebecca Bryan

    22/04/2017 Duración: 54min

    Welcome to Episode 31 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. Today's episode features Amanda Murphy, Bernina spokesperson, author and fabric designer, and Rebecca Bryan, author, teacher and fourth generation quilter. Both interviews were recorded at QuiltCon and it was kind of fun to listen to them a couple months after they were initially recorded. At one point Rebecca Bryan and I were talking about the brick and mortar version of Quilt Addicts Anonymous, which at the time I was still considering an open studio. Now it is definitely a full blown quilt shop, complete with staff, a large class space and fabulous modern fabrics. That just shows you how much can change in a couple months. And speaking of the shop, the Spring Clearance Sale is happening right now. There are nearly 100 fabrics, bundles, thread packs and patterns that are on sale. Right now they are 25% off, but the price will continue to drop over the next two weeks as we move some of the items that have been around for a bit to

  • Episode 30 - Mary Hogan and Mary W. Kerr

    Episode 30 - Mary Hogan and Mary W. Kerr

    22/03/2017 Duración: 49min

    Welcome to Episode 30 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. Today we have the Mary's on! Mary Hogan, author of "String Quilt Style" and Mary W. Kerr, quilt historian, author and the creative force behind the Quilt As Desired project. I think you're going to love both ladies and get lots of fabulous ideas on what to do for your next quilting project. Real quick before we get to the interviews, make sure you head over to because there are hundreds of new bolts of fabric being added over the next week or so. That's because right after I moved into the brick and mortar location, the space next door became available. So my husband and I went for it, leased the space and are tripling our inventory to fill it. It is very exciting and there is new stuff going up daily as we get everything ready. String Quilt Style, Mary Hogan, string quilts, Landauer Publishing Mary Hogan, author Mary Hogan has a stash and knows how to use it. The author of "String Quilt Style: Eas

  • Episode 29 - Angela Walters and Alex Veronelli

    Episode 29 - Angela Walters and Alex Veronelli

    09/03/2017 Duración: 49min

    Welcome to Episode 29 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast. I love all my guests. Having a half hour conversation with fabulous people in the quilting industry each week is one of the best parts of my week. But every once in a while I get to interview someone who has been a major part of my quilting journey. This week both of my guests hold that honor. We have the fabulous Angela Walters, one of the most well known names in the quilting industry who is an amazingly talented longarm quilter and Alex Veronelli, the chief business development officer and face of Aurifil. I have followed both for years, taking just about every Craftsy class Angela filmed and being constantly inspired by Alex's tweets. I spoke with Angela over the phone a couple weeks ago and caught up with Alex at QuiltCon last month. Since they both were integral parts of QuiltCon, and not everyone gets the chance to travel to the show, I am offering a special coupon code to use on Aurifil threads and modern quilt fabrics fro