Inverness is an action packed western featuring "Sleeper", a gunslinger turned horse-thief.

Blood On The Trail

Each of them had the killer instinct - the wolf dog and his outlawed master!

The Secret Of Dr. Kildare

Young Dr. Kildare takes on a special case which involves a fear neurosis in the daughter of a multi-millionaire, and Kildaire uses unorthodox means to get to the bottom of it in...

The Good Badman

Three Western stories. A man on a mule must intercept a killer on horseback. A sharpshooter threatens a trench of soldiers. An old prize-fighter has a task to perform.

The Bright Face of Danger

Geraldi finds himself intervening in a kidnapping — but only because he has an eye on the victims' treasure for himself…

Nine Lives

Ex-Texas Ranger Silas Durfee is tasked with keeping young Henry Vincent out of trouble in exchange for cattle lands of his own. But Henry already knows how to look after himself.

Sign of the Hawk

In this Western Duo, we see a young man resolve to ride a stallion, considered by all as a man-killer, and a harmless outlaw with a dual identity entreated to commit murder.

Wooden Guns

Jim Conover possessed the reputation of a man fast with a gun. But if he had to depend on that quickness today, he would be a dead man. The marvelous deftness of that right hand...

Destry Rides Again

Made in 1939, the Golden Year of Hollywood, Destry Rides Again helped launch Jimmy Stewart's career and made Marlene Dietrich an American icon. Harry Destry was a roughandtumble...

The Man Who Forgot

Pump' em full of lead!” he said through his teeth. A cruel New York sneak thief breaks out of prison with an honest cowboy. Together they'll learn about robbing payrolls,...

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