A Sea Turtle's Quiet Miracle

One summer night the author and her daughter watched as a mother sea turtle came ashore to lay her eggs.

Balancing Rocks

Sepp Boegle, a German man, creates amazing artwork by balancing rocks.

Map for Columbus, the Traveling Bear

Article about a black bear named Columbus who traveled more than 10 miles amongst people in Washington state before being captured and moved to the wild.

Dogs at Work

Dogs have many ways to show that they are "man's best friend."

Exploding Stars Turn Red

Astronomers observe the formation of a red nova which occurs when two stars merge and explode.

Flying Galaxies

New evidence that two of the satellite galaxies orbiting the Milky Way are new arrivals.

Life as a Platypus

Nonfiction poetry spread detailing the lives of platypuses as they build nests, lay eggs, and take care of the babies.

Making a Splash

Blindness hasn't prevented record-breaking swimmer Kate Pavlacka from attaining her goals.

Making the Most of Your Moment

Not everyone on a team can be a star but every player can contribute.

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