Birthday Girl

An everyday tragedy brought into stark relief and elevated to high drama by the skilled pen of Maria Krestovskaya, as she focuses her readers' attention on someone, whose life...

Excerpts From Masha's Journal

Some might see the lessons in Odoyevsky's short and charming life manual for children old-fashioned and outdated. Some might even bristle at certain suggestions. However, we would...

Family Troubles

Literary critic, E. A. Koltonovskaya, described the literary style of novelist Maria Krestovskaya as follows, “Her pen, for all its feminine agility, is often remarkable for its...

Random Tales

This short collection of Alexander Kuprin's stories and novellas is intended as light reading - to amuse, puzzle, entertain, and enchant.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Maria Krestovskaya demonstrates her incredibly astute understanding of human mind as she gives us a unique glimpse into the mental turmoils associated with one boy's first love.