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Set your brain on high alert, because the Ryan Is Super Strong! podcast is about to hit your ears weekly!Hosted by the Super Strong Ryan Knudsen, this show will feature tons of multi-talented guests by bringing their voices, opinions, and laughter to the podcast waves.Super Strong Ryan will talk to them about the entertainment industry, drums, and whatever else he finds interesting because it's the RYAN is Super Strong! podcast. Not the "Whoever wanders around and listens to podcasts and wants to hear what they wants to hear" Is Super Strong! podcast.Be ready to laughBe ready to cryBe ready to feel motivated each and every week, to become Super Strong.Produced by nathanKent. Art by Chad Coleman. Music by Velvet Buck. Hosted by an insane person. www.facebook.com/ryanissuperstrongIG @RYANISSUPERSTRONGTwitter - @SuperStrongRyan


  • Episode 199 - Is Chris Hackman Super Strong......AGAIN?!?! (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 199 - Is Chris Hackman Super Strong......AGAIN?!?! (#CORONAFILES)

    04/08/2020 Duración: 01h15min

    Strength Level: Matell Today, it’s freakin episode 199….I can’t even believe how far we’ve all come together!! And this week’s guest has been around for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! YES! It’s the inimitable: CHRIS HACKMAN!!!! Chris is the best. This is an extremely silly episode, and you get to hear Chris’ music in the intro, the outro, compliment corner, GYDBOMF, AND from his new project “Real Human Barbie”!!! I know you guys MAY already know this man, but after this episode, you’re just gonna fully love him and want to be his new BFF. I just know that about you, and how you’ll feel. So when you’re done, hit IG immediately, and follow him!!! (@therealhumanbarbie) OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:

  • Episode 198 - Is Ben Reno Super Strong? (also feat. WILL RENO) (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 198 - Is Ben Reno Super Strong? (also feat. WILL RENO) (#CORONAFILES)

    28/07/2020 Duración: 01h19min

    Strength Level: Brothers This week, on episode 198, I invited my dear friend (and past guest) Will Reno to guest co-host, and interview his brother: BEN RENO!!!!!!!! Ben is an incredible actor, producer, funny man, brother, musician, and basically supertalent/jack of all trades. YA WANNA KNOW HIM. YA WANNA FOLLOW HIM!! Listen as we talk about cereal mascots and it goes right over Ben’s head, listen as we revisit many of your favorite games and scream over the Zoom call, and listen to a pure example of friendship and brotherhood. After that, go rate and review the show, and follow Ben on IG IMMEDIATELY!!! @benreno90 OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
2 weeks til episode 200!!?!?!???!!! What the heck!?!?! How did we even get here!??!?!?!!!!??

  • Episode 197 - Is Jake Harpster Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 197 - Is Jake Harpster Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    14/07/2020 Duración: 01h44min

    Strength Level: BFFs Get ready for an hour and a half of straight bro love today my friends. Today, my best friend, my best man: JAKE HARPSTER!!!!!!!! Jake is a MONSTER percussionist (one of my favorites), a member of the United States Army Band, a bad ass cyclist, a dog Dad, and so much damn more, it’s insane!!! Sorry in advance for this long and super indulgent time of reminiscing and complimenting each other……and by “sorry”, I mean, shut up! 
This is a free show, and it was such a blast to hang out with my best friend, and you can just shut up! Sorry….I really lost control there. ANYway, this Zoom hang with my friend was MUCH needed back in May when it happened, much needed now, and at VERY least, was really fun for me to sit down and edit and listen to again. You know what I mean? Some friends just make ya feel good! As soon as you’re done here, go try and find videos of Jake playing, and then follow him on IG (@jacobharpster). One of the baddest men around!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY

  • Episode 196 - Is Bobbie Lee Crow III Super Strong?

    Episode 196 - Is Bobbie Lee Crow III Super Strong?

    08/07/2020 Duración: 01h23min

    Strength Level: Anime! On this week’s episode of your favorite silly pod, you’ll get to hear me sit down with my dear friend: BOBBIE LEE CROW III Bobbie is an incredible musician, a funny man, and just a joy to hang with. I WISH we could have done this in person and had some drinks, but hey, when you’re dealing with a guy like Bobbie, you just take what you can get! Zoom hang it is! :) Make sure to follow his awesome projects (@serasymphony and @iconiquestra on IG), and stay IN THE KNOW WITH BOBBIE CROW!!! He’s definitely a shooting star in the music biz! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
 Sorry this episode was a bit late this week everyone! I’ve got so little to do…..but when faced with a difficult technical snaffoo and a serious lack of motivation during the weirdest period of all of our lives…..you can be assured that the first priority was beer. THEN editing this podcast for you all. Hahaha

  • Episode 195 - Is Nick Taylor Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 195 - Is Nick Taylor Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    01/07/2020 Duración: 01h27min

    Strength Level: #DRUMFAM We’re back again this week with the Corona Files/ZOOM edition of the show, and this week featuring the wonderful:

NICK TAYLOR!!!! Nick is a fellow Hoosier and drummer from the mid-west who is a member of the US Navy Band, a freakin BICYCLE RACER, a father of one little baby and two little pups, a husband to a lovely lovely lady (who is also a killer drummer), and so much dang more. Nick has been on my list of guests I’ve wanted to have on the show since DAY 1!!! So thanks Quarantine….for ONE thing. And one thing only: Bringing me my dear friend Nick via Zoom Make sure to follow Nick on IG (@drumznbikes), and keep up with all of his bad assery, of which I can assure you, THERE IS MUCH. OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
Episode 200 is just around the corner!!??!?! That’s insane as all damn hell!!!!!!! What are some things you’ve done 200 times?

  • Episode 194 - Is Matt Judson Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 194 - Is Matt Judson Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    23/06/2020 Duración: 01h13min

    Strength Level: Procrastination We Are BACK BAYBEEEEEEE!!!! I took a few weeks off, and you’ll hear all about that in the LONG intro on this episode. But today, I’m bringing to you one of my dear friends who I’d wanted to have on since I started this dang thing! 
Only problem is that he lives in AUSTIN, TX and we never get to dang hang out! But thanks to the crappy corona, we got to ZOOOM hang!! I had a blast reconnecting with Matt back when we recorded this at the beginning of quarantine, and I’m really excited for you to check him out, check out his music, and follow him immediately on all the social medias (@mathjudson on IG)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
I hope my taking a few weeks off from the show didn’t piss you off too damn bad. I really struggled with it every week, but it just didn’t feel right. But this week, it was quite the opposite feeling! I miss you guys, I miss my friends and family, and I’m ready to get back to being part of each other’s lives every week. Plenty



    03/06/2020 Duración: 08min

    No show this week Please stay safe Please stay focused Please stay informed Please donate ANY amount to funds/organizations that you find during this time BLACK LIVES MATTER

  • Episode 193 - Is Danielle Withers Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 193 - Is Danielle Withers Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    26/05/2020 Duración: 52min

    Strength Level: Haircuts Whooooooo-eeeeeee!! We’ve got a GOOD one for you this week my friends. DANIELLE WITHERS IS HERE!!!!! Danielle is such an awesome person, energy, and super talent. Though she is well known for backing up artists like J-LO, Justin Timberlake, Chrisette Michelle, USHER, and more and more and more bad asses, this episode features HER and HER bad-assery!! Once you’ve met her and listened to the tunes she’s here to share today, you’re going to agree with me! Then I hope you RUN to Instagram (@daniellerenewithers), soundcloud, youtube, etc, and become Danielle’s newest and biggest fan!!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
My only thought is: I HATE QUARANTINE!!! Can’t wait to get off of these restrictions and hang out with all of these bad ass guests again one day!!!!

  • Episode 192 - Is Jesse Willis Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 192 - Is Jesse Willis Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    19/05/2020 Duración: 01h40min

    Strength Level: The Mighty Chanticleer On this week’s installment of the “Ryan is Super Strong!” Podcast, I have brought you a TRUE bad ass, recording all the way from Myrtle Beach, SC!! DR. JESSE WILLIS IS IN THE HOUSE!! Jesse is not only a doctor, a father, and a bad ass drummer. In addition to all of these things, he is one of my favorite people on this very globe, and one of my closest friends. One thing I’m very grateful about during this Corona time is that all of you get to meet even more of my bad ass friends!!! So I hope you enjoy this episode, check Jesse Willis out in any way that you can, check out his program at Coastal Carolina University, and then feel a little closer to one of the coolest drummers walking around today!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
This Quarantine blows. I hope you’re getting through is as well as you possibly can, because I KNOW it sucks!! I’m right there with you, and so is the whole dang globe, so please know that you’re not alone, and that you are loved!! Th

  • Episode 191 - Is Vicky Farewell Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 191 - Is Vicky Farewell Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    12/05/2020 Duración: 01h17min

    Strength Level: Goodbyes This week on RISS, we’re featuring the wonderful super talent:

VICKY FAREWELL!!! Vicky is an incredible pianist, composer, producer, and all around bad ass, and I hope you enjoy this peak into her life. More importantly, a peak into how she’s handling all of this crazy Coronavirus Quarantine baloney!! You can hear her work with incredible acts like Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals, and she is DEFINITELY an artist who you’re going to want to keep up with as the years go by, and her career continues to become even more bad ass. Follow her on IG (@vickyfarewell), and become her newest and greatest fan TODAY!!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
I hope you forgive the fact that these #Coronafiles episodes have slightly worse quality audio. I know it’s not as warm and clear as my usual studio set up, but in these times, I think it’s worth it to document how people are getting through the days and situations that we’re faced with today, even if it’s a bit worse on the ole ear

  • Episode 190 - Is Anthony King Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    Episode 190 - Is Anthony King Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)

    05/05/2020 Duración: 01h17min

    Strength Level: Merlin This week, we begin the CORONA SERIES!! This series will inevitably feature a lot of quarantine and Corona talk since that’s what we’re all dealing with like crazy….but more importantly, this series is all being done VIRTUALLY via Zoom. I’ve never done virtual or phone call episodes before, so to start us off, I have a guest coming in from CANADA!!! This week’s guest is the wonderful talent man: ANTHONY KING! Anthony is an incredible guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and all around gentleman. I’m honored to know him, and pumped to bring him to the show in ANY way that we can during this crazy time. In short, NOTHING will stop me from bringing you bad ass guests to learn about every week!!!! After you fall in love with Anthony and become his biggest new fan, please go check out his music and social media (@anthonykingguitar). Inject your life with a ton of his bad assery ASAP!!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
As we continue dealing with the Coronavius,

  • BEST OF MUSIC - PART 7 - Episode 189 - Is these memories super strong?

    BEST OF MUSIC - PART 7 - Episode 189 - Is these memories super strong?

    01/05/2020 Duración: 01h30min

    Strength Level: Nostalgia Volume 7 is HERE, and with that, we conclude our 2 week look back at the INCREDIBLE artistry and musicianship that has been displayed on my whacky ass show over the last year and a half! This episode features: Kassandra Kocochis (from Episode 130 where she shared, “Mirrors” from Vahagni’s album, “Imagined Frequencies” Ada Pasternak (from Episode 128 where she shared the tune, “Perfectly Imperfect”) Denny Jiosa (from Episode 123 where he shared his tune, “Mueve Tu Cuerpo”) Martin Diller (from Episode 124 where he share the tune, “Trader Joe’s Parking Lot” from the album, “Martin Diller Quartet at the Blue Whale” Bobby Wilmore (from Episode 161 where he shared the tune, “Chango” from Lazaro Galaraga’s album, “Emi Okokan”) Arean Alston (from Episode 145 where she shared her tune, “Believe”) Patchwork (from Episode 131 where he shared, “Feel” feat. Charlie Cavallo) Michael Ragonese (from Episode 154 where he shared the tune, “Slow Down” from his album, “Day to Day”) Robert Rothko (from

  • BEST OF MUSIC - PART 6 - Episode 188 - Is these memories super strong?

    BEST OF MUSIC - PART 6 - Episode 188 - Is these memories super strong?

    28/04/2020 Duración: 01h12min

    Strength Level: Unemployment!! This week, the Best Of Music series continues with Volumes 6 today, and 7 coming out on Friday!!! This episode features: Rachel Mazer (from Episode 137 where she shared, “Is It So Wrong?” from her debut album, “How Do We Get By?”) David Aggyare (from Episode 183 where he shared, “Gateway Drug” from The Brevet’s album, “Legs”) Jeff Sorenson (from Episode 168 where he shared, “Day Tripper” from Pete Anderson’s album, “60’s with a Twist”) Hauk Heimdallsman (from Episode 184 where he shared, “Three Chords” from his album, “Red Tail Rising”) Fernando Navarro (from Episode 142 where he shared his track, “Striges”) Symphonic Planet (from the #NAMMUARY Series and past episode where they shared, “Trip to Krakatoa) Quartet 405 (from the #NAMMUARY Series where they shared their Medley of Paul Anka’s Music) Hush Crush (from the #NAMMUARY Series where they shared the tune, “Katana”) Bird and the War (from Episode 182 where they shared their tune, “Memories”) Andrea Lisa (from Episode 181 a

  • BEST OF MUSIC - PART 5 - Episode 187 - Is these memories super strong?

    BEST OF MUSIC - PART 5 - Episode 187 - Is these memories super strong?

    24/04/2020 Duración: 01h08min

    Strength Level: Freelance Artistry Volume 5 of the Best of Music episodes is HERE!! And it’s a BONUS episode this week! This episode features: Sarah Reich (from Episode 152 where she shared, “Gemini Vibe” from her album, “New Change”) Alex Pfender (from Episode 148 where he shared, “The Bloom” from his band Yoya’s album, “The Half Turn”) Mike Uhler (from Episode 155 where he shared, “Sports Song” from Weird Al Yankovic’s album, “Mandatory Fun”) Nicole Marcus (from Episode 129 where she shared, “Singing for My Life” from her self-titled EP) Baritoned (from Episode 132 where they sang a few snippets from their live show, “You have been Baritoned”) Mathias Kunzli (from Episode 136 where he shared, “Elk Drive” from his album with LausHaus) Ana Barreiro (from Episode 153 where she shared, “Saudade” by her group AmyAna) Adan Alonso (from Episode 158 where he shared, “Mi Changui” by Sitarason) Phil Romo (from Episode 140 where he shared, “Berlin” from Intercept’s album, “Yellow Dog”) FEVAH (from Episode 163 where

  • BEST OF MUSIC - PART 4 - Episode 186 - Is these memories super strong?

    BEST OF MUSIC - PART 4 - Episode 186 - Is these memories super strong?

    21/04/2020 Duración: 01h06min

    Strength Level: Quarantunes The Best of Music series has RETURNED!!! It’s been about a year and half since volumes 1-3, and there has been SO MUCH bad ass music since then! So now, I bring to you Volume 4!! This episode features: Matt Hornbeck (from Episode 127 where he shared, “Get to Steppin” by the White Blinds) Lucy LaForge (from Episode 134 where she shared, “Just Friends” from her album, “Little Spoon”) Bobby Wooten (from Episode 139 where he shared, “Everybody’s Comin to My House” from David Byrne’s album, “American Utopia”) Jesse Palter (from Episode 143 where she shared, “Sever the Ties”, from her album, “Paper Trail) SCHMAB (from Episode 151 where they shared the track, “Titties & Shoulders”) David Linard (from Episode 141 where he shared, “Maple Leaf Rag” from Sammy Miller and the Congregation’s self-titled album) Ben Mathews (from Episode 126 where he shared, “Guarare” from the Latin Jazz Collective’s album, “Que Sorpresa!”) Nathan Alef (from Episode 159 where he shared his solo piano arrangeme

  • Episode 185 - Is Will Reno Super Strong...AGAIN?!?!?

    Episode 185 - Is Will Reno Super Strong...AGAIN?!?!?

    15/04/2020 Duración: 01h42min

    Strength Level: Rainier Boy-o-boy do I have one more great Pre-Rona treat for you guys!! This week, it’s the return of my guest from episode #94 back in July of 2017: WILL RENO!!! Will is one of my best friends and favorite people on the globe, and you’re gonna hear ALLLLL about why. 
I’ll be honest with ya, we recorded over 3 hours of conversation on this one WHILST drinking together at Will’s home in Portland. With this in mind, I have edited HEAVILY!!!! :) It was such a blast to be in Portland working with my bud, and even cooler to squeeze in another great episode of this whacky ass show. I hope you enjoy it, and go follow Will on EVERYTHING ASAP!!!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
I hope your quarantine time is as productive, or NOT, as you need it to be. Now, go take a nap, and chillllll! You deserve it!

  • Episode 184 - Is Hauk Heimdallsman Super Strong?

    Episode 184 - Is Hauk Heimdallsman Super Strong?

    07/04/2020 Duración: 01h35min

    Strength Level: The Red Tailed Hawk This week, the episode features one of my final PRE-RONA recordings. I had the opportunity to sit down with a new friend and human man, Hauk Heimdallsman, and we had a great time talking and listening to music from his new album, “Red Tail Rising”. Hauk is a great multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, theatre owner, and lovely person! So I hope that once you’re done listening here, you’ll run to IG, follow @haukrules, and head to iTunes and Spotify to purchase and stream ALL of his music! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
 I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the past when we once were able to hang out close together in a room! And for all of you listening now when we’re in quarantine times, I hope you are feeling strong, healthy, and finding as many ways as possible to sit back, relax, and get through this weird ass time we’re all in. Hopefully, it will be over sooner than later, and we can all get back to real time friendship, but I’ll be putting out episodes ev

  • Episode 183 - Is David Aguiar Super Strong?

    Episode 183 - Is David Aguiar Super Strong?

    01/04/2020 Duración: 01h40min

    Strength Level: Contractual Agreements On today’s episode of the Ryan Is Super Strong Podcast, we travel back to the times BEFORE Coronavirus and our new quarantine lifestyles, and bring you to my sit down with wonderful drummer and human man: DAVID AGUIAR!!! David is a fantastic human with tons of skills, not the least of which is playing with the band, The Brevet. This episode not only features his kind and cool personality, but also a ton of music from the Brevet!! I hope that this episode not only makes you fall in love with David and the Brevet (@davidaggyaredrums and @thebrevet on IG), but also serves to help you relax and take your mind off of the stresses that today offers by sitting and listening to two guys talk and get A TON of facts incorrect. :) OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
 Special EXTRA thanks to everyone who helped make the gofundme a success for everyone involved!! This truly is a stressful and strange time, and knowing that we are all fighting this stuff together is extremely re

  • Episode 182 - Is Bird and the War Super Strong?

    Episode 182 - Is Bird and the War Super Strong?

    24/03/2020 Duración: 01h29min

    Strength Level: The Mighty Hawk On this week’s episode, we sit down with BIRD AND THE WAR!!! You guys KNOW Tom Rasulo, but I hope you enjoy meeting the wonderful Chris James, and listening to some of this band’s amazing new music. I had a blast sitting down with these guys, and boy-o-boy did we have some silly times. Obviously Tom is always a goof on this crazy show, but Chris is now a great new addition to the roster of HARD CORE BAD ASSES that have made their way into my studio and just giggled and giggled with me. After you listen, please go look these guys up everywhere music streams or is sold, and hit them up on the ole IG (@chrisjamesbird, @birdandthewar, @patchwork.jpeg), and become their newest and biggest fans!!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
Like I say in the beginning of this episode, I’m wishing nothing but good health and safety for all of you listeners!! If you want to check out the gofundme for RISS guests, check out the link here: gf.me/u/xq5awz And if you’d like to support the

  • Episode 181 - Is Andrea Lisa Super Strong?

    Episode 181 - Is Andrea Lisa Super Strong?

    17/03/2020 Duración: 01h42min

    Strength Level: The Surprise! You met this week’s guest on episode 169 with Alex Churchill! She surprised me at my house that evening, surprised me at my house again for this episode, delighted me with THIS great hang, and brought a ton of amazing music to share!!! This week’s guest is the wonderful: ANDREA LISA!! I am so happy that I know Andrea now, and can’t tell you how much of kindred spirits we have found that we are. She’s a bad ass, I hope you love her and this episode, and then I hope you RUN to Instagram to follow her @andrealisa.comm, then right over to iTunes to BUY ALL OF HER MUSIC!!! You are gonna love this one, and I hope you share it with your friends, your moms, your dogs, your grandmas, your enemies, and every stranger you meet! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!!!
Stay safe out there!! I know the green beer is fun, but just look out! This day gets CRAZY!!! P.S. You’re wonderful

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