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  • Camping and the Balance of Everything- Part 2

    01/08/2021 Duración: 30min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.          Korton takes over from where he left off on side one with explaining all he conditions that must all come together for life on a planet to get its start. Now with all the possible planets for life to begin, we are one of many civilizations doing the best we can to survive and improve. He explains how some can be return to the planet the have ascended from in the form of artificially impregnating someone and the baby to come as a result would have pre-programed knowledge to help in their mission to teach others. he would not confirm or deny that was the case with Jesus Christ. We move on from there to elementals such as devas who have a lot to do with maintaining nature. We learn there is a fine balance that is needed for harmony between nature and technology and currently that balance is out of whack and needs to be fixed. He explains that a lot could happen that will determine if we survive as a race or a select few move on to elsewhere to con

  • Camping and the Balance of Everything- Part 1

    01/08/2021 Duración: 35min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.      This special channeling session for the month of August starts with a scene that needs describing. It takes place at a small lake on the outskirts of the Lake Tahoe Basin in 1995. Mark and I were trying an experiment planned by Omal where we would use a camping trip Mark and I were on to give an astronomy lesson. With a pair of tents nearby, two air mattresses were set up in front of a campfire we had built. Mark astral projects himself up to the base and Tia takes his place in his body. A portable tape recorder that slows down occasionally without warning starts as the channeling begins. Due to the wind that would blow through at times and it being a portable tape deck, the sound is not as ideal as we would wish but the information is always the principle focus of these sessions. Tia would not stay long as to let Karra take over as ring mistress and the first speaker of the night. As speaker, she would ask questions that laid out a typical healing session u

  • From the X-Files to Star Trek- Part 2

    01/07/2021 Duración: 51min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.           Side two opens up with Omal still giving us information available to a base commander of Ashtar Command including the confirmation of a higher dimensional Earth awaiting humanity's arrival. As he says, no one is allowed to disturb it until we're ready as a race to take our rightful place as its new occupants. With Mark's energy levels running low, he leaves so Wing Commander Taal can have his time relating a battle report he had been involved in where one of the base pilots lost his life after being ambushed by the Greys. One thing Taal does want to stress is that inexperience was very much a part of the cause with the three pilots on patrol failing to maintain their training and procedures. The dead pilot we learn left behind a bond mate and sons who were very understanding of their father's sacrifice. If there was a reason we started the Hades Base News, it was to provide as Omal says the other side of the coin. Tia takes over from there as

  • From the X-Files to Star Trek- Part 1

    01/07/2021 Duración: 40min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.       The channeling session for the month of July is one we have waited a long time to post due to what we heard back when it was recorded. Ashtar Command's aspirations for our group here on Earth were more long-ranging than we were aware of back in 1996 and that fact is confirmed by Korton acknowledging that the information now being approved for public release had been set to be allowed five years later. As the session starts, it is actually the back half of a channeling session that ran long and Ashtar had already finished speaking. Korton is one of many guest speakers present and it is from him that we now get the go ahead to ask questions we could not get the answers to when we had asked  them before. Omal gets the first of the questions and the answers he gives lives up to expectations. Things like the how far is the nearest space fleet from Earth, which president actually signed the agreement with the Greys, how many abductions had taken place by then, an

  • Regarding Truth Seekers and Self Lovers- Part 2

    01/06/2021 Duración: 34min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.          Karra changes tack on side two as she covers raising children with a warning about letting them become individuals but not so much that they turn in on themselves. It leads to an alienation from others due to a desire to be alone. Kiri would go into much more detail when she followed on after her sister. She gives us an example of how neighbors improve each other by each doing the best they can and helping their neighbors when that help is needed. She finishes up with a mental chat with me over some thoughts I had on my mind That brings on Kiri to expand on just how far someone can turn inwards. Perhaps you've seen some person on the street having a conversation with someone no one else can see. Kiri lays out the stages that go into making that happen. Pushing people away leads into a coercive loop where everyone else is to blame for the state of their lives. We learn this is the last stage before everything becomes irreversible. She then has t

  • Regarding Truth Seekers and Self Lovers- Part 1

    01/06/2021 Duración: 38min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.    There is one thing that distinguishes the Hades Base News from other sites with channelings from Ashtar Command, the lack of long, flowery dialogue from just a single speaker. Instead, multiple speakers cover a variety of topics in language familiar to anyone hearing it. That fact is brought home by Karra on side one of June's channeling session as she explains how every channeling session they hold with groups down here is tailored for the needs of each particular group. We try to be far more interactive to bring out a wide selection of topics to cover with the members of Ashtar Command who would have already had a briefing on what to discuss before commencing with the channeling. Before that also on side one, Omal covers world events and politics being as Tia is on a forced sabbatical from work. As seems to always be the case, news of the day meets channeling of the nineties. Karra finishes up the side discussing the UFO conspiracy being forced on the world

  • How To Stop A Hostile Alien Invasion- Part 2

    01/05/2021 Duración: 30min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.          Omal is almost finished but leaves us with a description of the end results of the space battle that would nothing but bits and pieces of an attacking enemy force. We wrap up by remembering Mark's trips in his astral body when he sat on the Hubble Telescope. Karra follows up Omal with an update on the wedding to take place that weekend between her dad and the very special Lady Goronsky or, as we like to call her, Gonzo. We next dive into past lives and the way reincarnation is always bringing both old souls and new souls to the planet constantly. Some to carry on the work of others who are ready to move up in dimensions. The Earth is an excellent school of learning for anyone wanting to have all the options of lives available in one place. It may not seem the best place to raise a consciousness but there are some very attentive caretakers to make sure nothing disturbs our education. She leaves after confirming a possibility that souls may spend

  • How To Stop A Hostile Alien Invasion- Part 1

    01/05/2021 Duración: 36min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.    Hollywood has given us scenes of the aftermath of space battles in a number of movies and TV shows but the channeling session for May will need those as a visual aid when Omal describes areas of space beyond our planet should any hostile alien force ever try to invade our planet in an attempt to take it over. Coming from a base commander of Ashtar Command in charge of the base monitoring and protecting the earth, that is as much of a guarantee that there can be. What else can be said in this initial summary about this channeling session is that an alien invasion is only part of a great deal of information we learned from the higher dimensional members of Hades base. Prior to Omal's revelations, Tia had helped our Australian guest with her astral travel questions and those she had about past lives. She also covers soul mates and parallel lifetimes so it was already an information channeling session. Side two brings us news on how the preparations were going wit

  • Tia's Tirade and the Flavor of Life- Part 2

    01/04/2021 Duración: 43min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.           Wing Commander Taal gets the second side off to an excellent start with his addition to the webpage. His contribution is on his being able to live in harmony with the hostility he has to face every mission. He explains to us a special flavor that the threat of imminent death gives to everything in his life. It is his love of all things he experiences and knowing it may be the last time he is able to experience them is something that few people on this planet may know as fully. Karra is next to speak and reinforces some training in maintaining a clean everything when healing. She also has something those with a delicate disposition may wish to skip. She explains in the first of a series of lessons on exotic healing a process involving gangrene a way to heal it without cutting off the leg. It is interesting in the way she poses it to the patient in terms they may find acceptable. Kiri comes on after her sister and finds her topic of the night ve

  • Tia's Tirade and the Flavor of Life- Part 1

    01/04/2021 Duración: 44min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.    April's channeling session brings a new record with it, twelve speakers within the first two minutes. It is due to a recent Renaissance fair where a fencing tournament was held between the various guilds. I was part of a guild and was able to come away with the win after defeating the other challengers. The base monitored the event for replay later which gave them the ability to view my aura throughout the matches. Those speaking that night were joined by the children of Mark and me to wish me congratulations on the win. The other highlights of side one was Tia going on a tirade over the environmental damage humans do to the planet. If what she was seeing in the 90s made her that upset, today's condition of our world hasn't improved much since then. Omal is inspired by Tia to give an excellent dissertation on teamwork that provides ideas anyone would find useful in taking on the Earth's problems. Wing Commander Taal gets us through to side two with the news h

  • The Message and Higher Dimensional Drinking Games- Part 2

    01/03/2021 Duración: 27min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.        Now that we know the movie reference and I've explained to Bunny the movie's plot, side two gets started in earnest. She relates to us the sequence of events to get the message programmed into Bunny which had some aspects which intentionally affected Bunny's memory of what she channeled. One mystery that is solved is a short description of the representative for Sirius as that had always been a big mystery due to the necessity of having to isolate her from anything that would bias her involvement. What else we learn is how committed she is to the role she had in representing Sirius while the Conference took place. Now for those who don't game or have never heard of the game Ultima Online, much of this section may be confusing. Bunny and a few others had accounts down here they would play from the base. She was still pretty new at the game so all of us playing had been helping her to get her character caught up to our characters. That got us to t

  • The Message and Higher Dimensional Drinking Games- Part 1

    01/03/2021 Duración: 30min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.      March brings something new, the only channeling session with only two speakers. It also reminds us that even on Hades Base, a party is just around the corner when the personnel need to relax after a hard day's work. In this case, the party is at that the Corner Bar where we learn about some drinking games only for those with well-developed psychic skills. Anyone who knows Bunny knows she always up for fun time but she also has a serious side as we see with her allowing herself to be programmed for the Sirian representative who would speak for Sirius in the Conference of races. This was done to keep the Sirian representative from being exposed to us where she might become biased towards humans. The programming of the message into Bunny by Omal caused massive pain which she had prepared for ahead of time the night before by taking Mark out to the Corner Bar. As a result, we learn about incinerating someone's clothes while they are still wearing them and reasse

  • 21rst Century Atlantis and the 100,000- Part 2

    01/02/2021 Duración: 35min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.        Side two gets going with an immediate hand off to Omal as Kiri departs the channeling field. Yet to be heard in the archives is Omal breaking into song but this wasn't just any session, Omal was just keeping the mood light before we got into the serious topics to discuss. One of those topics was picking up from where Ashtar and Korton left off with a future ascended human race on an higher dimensional Earth. Now is when we learn the initial number of humans on that new world would be 100,000 and it would be those who would be the original gene pool from which a new race would begin. From thousands of years into the future from hundreds of thousands of years back in the past we see the plan laid out with all the necessary pieces added one by one. Omal reminds me of my part of the plan as a geneticist in Atlantis that forms a connection to our present day when once again all five of those of us from back then can come together to take part in its

  • 21rst Century Atlantis and the 100,000- Part one

    01/02/2021 Duración: 37min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.      The channeling session chosen for February is a special one for anybody who has studied the history of Atlantis. I have spent much of my adult life fascinated by the subject and soaking up everything both fictional and non-fictional to ask questions to those who channeled at our sessions. This was one where the answers brought up a lot of information that triggered a number of memories for me and perhaps for others as well of a life back then. In it, Korton reveals the reason why Atlantis was colonized with all its hope and promise while giving us some understanding of why that dream died. Lessons learned, now it is all about the future and living the Atlantean dream in the 21rst century. On Hades Base, that dream is already taking place and the quest of the Sirians on the base to bring about more children operant in all five psychic skills is the main topic of side one. Conversations with Ashtar and Korton involve a discussion on genetics where a plan to cr

  • When Warriors Meet and the Races of Atlantis- Part 2

    01/01/2021 Duración: 30min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.          It is on side two where Omal provides the answers Mark and I had been seeking regarding which of the seven races that colonized Atlantis were still in existence. As it turns out, it is all of the ones discussed except for elves and faeries which Mark and I thought would have been one of the seven races. Instead, Omal explains they were a race that had survived from another time which possibly suggests Lemuria as their place of origin. Much of what he says explains the legends and stories throughout our history extending all the way out to the present day. He makes way for Karra after that to assist our youngest guest on her habit of draining others of their energy without their permission. To provide a hands-on demonstration, Karra enlists the help of Mark's body to be used as a conduit they begin passing energy through while our guest held his hand. That turns out to be an effective learning tool for her to know how the flow of energy effects

  • When Warriors Meet and the Races of Atlantis- Part 1

    01/01/2021 Duración: 32min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.       Welcome one and all to a new year and a new change in the way we present the collected channeling sessions from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base. We've added a YouTube option where we have combined the images by Madeline Falkenström from the Center for Ascension as a visual aid of who is speaking on the base. We'll be including an introduction by Karra and myself but without a live video since only one of us is on the planet and it is always about the message and not the messengers. The channeling session chosen for this initial effort reflects well the theme of beginnings set with the first meeting between Lyka and our frequent guest Skip. It was also the first time for Skip's grandchildren to attend giving us some excellent questions from them to those who were channeling. It isn't the greatest of sound and now lacks the background radio that could be heard before our sound engineers got it to the best quality possible. Kicking things off is Ti

  • The Ultimate Meta-Concert and Teene Finally Talks- Part 2

    01/12/2020 Duración: 36min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.           There is a breeding program taking place on Hades Base and side two is where Alana continues from where she left off on side one with providing the details of how it has been going. The Earth dolphins are volunteers in the program and so far it has been a success if only through the means of artificial insemination Alana explains. It is then I point out the connection in how the two races of dolphins and people of both dimensions are similar on more ways than one. We end on the news that Alana's girlfriend is out of the hospital that we hard about in the August podcast and would soon be moving back in with her. We now get to talk to the technician for most of our nine years of channeling sessions instead of her normal apologies for some technical glitch making it into the conversation. After munching one of the blue flowers of Sirius, Teene takes her place in the channeling field to answer a question I had been wanting to ask her about regardi

  • The Ultimate Meta-Concert and Teene Finally Talks- Part 1

    01/12/2020 Duración: 40min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.    The podcast for December is a compilation of two sessions where one session had to be cut short due to a work schedule and the second was just a half a session to fill in the rest. Because of that, we get two great discussions with both Omal and Karra. In a first for the archives, we have the honor to hear from Teene finally and it is well worth the wait. Teene is the mother of Treeny and the two of them often serve as technicians for our little group when they meet on the base to speak to us. Teene is our main technician and she is normally only known for letting know when there is a technical problem on the base's side. We get a real conversation this time that is substantive and educational. Speaking of updates, Alana updates us on the status of the pod of earth dolphins who had volunteered to come to a higher dimension and interact with the pod of Sirian dolphins in Dolphin Lake. Her and I located a pod off the California coast in one of the base's ships

  • The Merkabah and the Dark Crystal of Sedona- Part2

    01/11/2020 Duración: 32min

    Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one.        One of the benefits of having new guests come to ask questions of the speakers on the base was the fresh perspectives they brought with their questions. Case in point, our guest from Sedona finds out for us that Kiri has channeled through both male and female channels here on our planet so we learn about the differences between them and Mark. Her being a triple soul with both Mark and Tia helped us learn more about Mark's ability to time jump. He might be only gone for only ninety minutes on the third dimension while spending sixteen hours on the base long after he had returned to his body. As his roommate, knowing Mark would be in two places at the same time for that time frame became old hat. Omal takes the place of Kiri and we get into a conversation about mind-altering substances. This was the continuation of a conversation started years before in Sedona when Omal had been speaking through a channel named Roger Pinion which was how I met Oma

  • The Merkabah and the Dark Crystal of Sedona- Part 1

    01/11/2020 Duración: 33min

    Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.      It's appropriate that a tape recorded on Halloween of 1995 should be posted twenty-five years later the next day after Halloween. Things do get a bit spooky as we discuss an area in Sedona that has some unusual energies. While there may be some very positive energy surrounding the vortex's in the area, an opposite type of energy exists, though this was a long time in the past. Not in the past were the Merkabah, who we discover are a race similar to Ashtar Command who are a part of the Galactic Federation. It's always nice to hear the ways we are protected by multiple groups while we advance consciously as a species. We also get to experience Korton giving a lesson on communication crystals to show the various ways they can be used. The demonstration was due to a friend of mine from Sedona who had moved in with Mark and I while he transitioned between one chapter of his life and another. Getting acquainted with the Ashtar Command members was first on the list