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SteamLUG Cast is a casual, fortnightly audiocast which aims to provide interesting news and discussion for the SteamLUG and broader Linux gaming communities.


  • s03e15?– Lord of the Spoilers

    16/08/2015 Duración: 44min

    Our hosts discuss a fortnight's worth of Linux-related gaming. Introduction 00:00:18 @DerRidda introduces 00:00:19 @HeroOhOne and 00:00:25 @johndrinkwater Our Gaming 00:00:38 John briefly covers a few games he played since the last cast appearance, starting with Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Terraria which is now out of beta, along with Synergy and Codename: CURE. DOTA2 is also mentioned, using the client to watch The International 5. 00:01:46 DerRidda played some of the above, and two more titles, Knights of the Old Republic II, and Middle‐earth: Shadow of Mordor 00:02:16 Hero shares this small selection of what he has been running: Running with Rifles, Borderlands: The Pre‐Sequel, CS:GO, and Guns of Icarus: Online. SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:03:16 Past Events: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [] Hero’s stream [] BlazeRush [] Hero’s other stream

  • s03e14?– Radar Clickers

    13/08/2015 Duración: 28min

    Our three hosts take our audience through the previous fortnight of Linux Gaming News Introduction 00:00:09 DerRidda introduces Bean and HERO Our Gaming 00:00:27 Beans has been casually playing Nimble Quest and AdVenture Capitalist, Postal 2, and Starship Rubicon 00:01:18 Hero played Storm United, Counter–Strike: Global Offensive, Rust, and Guns of Icarus Online 00:02:12 and DerRidda obtained glimpses of Portal Stories: Mel and Pulsar: Lost Colony SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:04:08 Past Events: Distance [] Nemoder streamed Coffin Dodgers afterwards (likely contains inappropriate jokes) [] Dota 2 Reborn Custom Games [] 7 Days to Die [] Guns of Icarus Online [] Dying Light… didn’t happen. We will reli

  • s03e13?– Beautiful Linux Users

    12/08/2015 Duración: 01h07min

    The beautiful gang of SteamLUG Cast sit down, put up their feet, and discuss the latest goings on in Linux Gaming. Apologies for DerRidda’s audio quality, his microphone had broken and has since been replaced -- John. Introduction 00:00:10 @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:18 bean (@beansmyname) 00:00:21 @HeroOhOne 00:00:22 @DerRidda Our Gaming 00:00:44 Bean completed Shatter, played some Assault Android Cactus, and the rather buggy Early Access Storm United. 00:02:10 Hero has also been really getting into Assault Android Cactus, as well as Sir, You are Being Hunted 00:03:50 Cheese played a bit of Invisible Inc., Outland, and Massive Chalice 00:04:17 and concluding our gaming fortnight, DerRidda played Dying Light, completed Arx Fatalis via Arx Libertatis [] and Game Dev Tycoon, as well as spanking his nephew… in Worms: Clan Wars. SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:11:12 Past Events: Seriously Casual Serious Sam 3 [] Sa

  • s03e12?– Seriously Brewmaster Very Reborn

    23/07/2015 Duración: 15min

    Hero and Tele pretend to be robots, while talking about the new SteamOS release and Dota 2 Reborn beta. Introduction 00:00:17 Tele (Tele42) introduces @HeroOhOne Our Gaming 00:00:27 @HeroOhOne 7 Days to Die for the first time [] Serious Sam 3 testing of the Seriously Casual server [] Counter Strike: Global Offensive bot games [] 00:01:04 Tele (Tele42) Guns of Icarus Online, twice weekly [] Dialing in the new Serious Sam 3 server [] No More Room in Hell event [] Dota 2 Reborn spectating and custom games [] 00:01:41 Tele (Tele42) picked up Batman: Arkham Origins during the Monster Sale, which works well in wine [] 00:02:12 @HeroOhOne bought Running With Rifles for a friend [http://store.steamp

  • s03e11?– Elegant Diagonal Refunds

    16/07/2015 Duración: 02h04min

    Aaron Melcher stops by to chat about porting games to Linux and our hosts have a discussion about Steam refunds Introduction 00:00:19 Tele (Tele42) introduces @ValiantCheese, bean (@beansmyname) and special guest, @aaron_melcher Our Gaming 00:00:40 bean (@beansmyname) Destroyed wave after wave of malfunctioning robots in Assault Android Cactus [] Wished for human combatants while pummelling bots in top-down Q3/UT-inspired arena shooter, Daedalus - No Escape [] Got his steampunk fix in the team-focused multiplayer airship combat game Guns of Icarus Online [] Relived his driving exam by exploding and being exploded in the action racer BlazeRush [] Led a conga line of RPG characters into the arena for the honor of #SteamLUG in Nimble Quest [] Avenged the death of the last human in twin-stick shooter Ultrat

  • s03e10?– Japanese Flags

    06/06/2015 Duración: 01h37min

    Our hosts have a chat with game designer Lisa Brown (wertle) followed by lively discussion of Linux gaming Introduction 00:00:17 @HeroOhOne introduces @ValiantCheese, @Corben78 and special guest, @Wertle Our Gaming 00:00:35 @HeroOhOne Built a giant base for survival in Rust [] Gunned his way through some Arms Race on the new US SteamLUG CS:GO server steam://connect/ [] Raced around procedurally-generated tracks in Distance's new Trackmogrify mode [] 00:00:57 @ValiantCheese Streamed daily challenges for twin-stick shooter Assault Android Cactus and rogue-like rhythm game, Crypt of the Necrodancer [] [] [] Snuck in some Invisible, Inc. [] Engaged in some high-speed racing survival in Distance [http://store.steampowe

  • s03e09?– Linux and gaming and Linux

    06/05/2015 Duración: 01h05s

    Our hosts discuss their gaming, goings-on in the community, paid mods, new rules for Steam accounts and other Linux gaming news. Introduction 00:00:16 bean (@beansmyname) 00:00:19 @HeroOhOne 00:00:20 @DerRidda Our Gaming 00:00:26 @DerRidda has been playing a little of nothing 00:00:36 bean (@beansmyname) has been playing Nuclear Dawn, Cosmochoria and Assault Android Cactus 00:01:28 @HeroOhOne has been playing Battle for Wesnoth, Zero-K Chicken Mod, Nuclear Dawn, Kerbal Space Program, Running With Rifles, Strike Suit Zero, Crypt of the Necrodancer, BOMB, Guns of Icarus Online, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS and Distance SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:03:44 Past Events DOTA 2 [] Torchlight II [] Meltdown [] Dead Island [] 00:06:43 Upcoming Events Team

  • s03e08?– Just the Two of Us

    22/04/2015 Duración: 22min

    Our hosts discuss their gaming, goings-on in the community, some newly released games on Steam and celebrate 1000 confirmed titles on Linux Introduction 00:00:19 @HeroOhOne introduces 00:00:22 Nemoder Our Gaming 00:00:27 @HeroOhOne has been playing Factorio, Guns of Icarus Online, Running with Rifles, Strike Suit Zero, Geometry Wars 3 and Starbound 00:00:52 Nemoder has been playing 7 Days to Die, Cities: Skylines, Factorio, Guns of Icarus Online SteamLUG Community Stuff Natural Selection 2 [] Tabletop Simulator [] Team Fortress 2 [] Worms Clan Wars [] Upcoming Events DOTA 2 (Post-cast) [] Torchlight II []

  • s03e07?– Octothorpe Krautfunding

    15/04/2015 Duración: 48min

    Our hosts cover the many hours in the last fortnight they’ve been gaming, game development streams, and bundle politics. Introduction 00:00:08 @DerRidda introduces 00:00:21 bean (@beansmyname) and 00:00:24 @ValiantCheese Our Gaming 00:00:34 beansmyname has been playing Hand of Fate, Guns of Icarus: Online, and BioShock: Infinite. 00:01:03 ValiantCheese has been streaming Assault Android Cactus and Curse of the Necrodancer, and completed Hand of Fate. 00:02:22 DerRidda played CS:GO, completed BioShock: Infinite, and enjoyed Pillars of Eternity, Cities: Skylines, Torchlight 2, and finally Shadow Warrior. SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:03:11 Past Events Frozen Cortex [] 7 Days to Die [] Hammerwatch [] King Arthur’s Gold [] 00:04:43 Future Event

  • s03e06?– Train of Fate

    31/03/2015 Duración: 01h39min

    SteamLUG hosts are joined by Director at Defiant Development and Creative Director on Hand of Fate, Morgan Jaffit, to discuss the game, the studio's history and Linux. Introduction 00:00:10 @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:16 bean (@beansmyname) 00:00:19 Hero (@HeroOhOne) 00:00:21 with special guest, Morgan Jaffit (@morganjaffit) of Defiant Development Our Gaming 00:01:03 Bean got through Hand of Fate, Hoard, Guns of Icarus: Online, Torchlight 2, Counter‐Strike: Global Offensive, Journey of a Roach, and finally… Assault Android Cactus 00:01:29 Hero has been playing Hand of Fate, Guns of Icarus: Online, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Distance, Torchlight 2, and Star Wars: Jedi Academy running in the FOSS client [] 00:02:12 Cheese has had a small amount of time to play Hand of Fate, Assault Android Cactus, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Shovel Knight and Worms: Clan Wars 00:02:52 Morgan played a tonne of Card Crawl Chat with Morgan Jaffit 00:03:46 Background Irrational, Relic,

  • s03e05?– Vulkanic GDC

    12/03/2015 Duración: 58min

    John, DerRidda, and Nemoder discuss exciting developments from the 2015 Game Developer’s Conference. Introduction 00:00:09 John (@johndrinkwater) 00:00:23 DerRidda (@DerRidda) 00:00:25 Nemoder ([]) Our Gaming 00:00:31 DerRidda has been playing FTL, Hand of Fate, CS:GO and the unreleased ‘Reformat Your System Simulator 2015’ 00:00:48 Nemoder has been playing some Factorio, the daily challenges in Crypt of the Necrodancer and some Worms: Clan Wars 00:01:00 John played some CS:GO during the event, yet mostly has been in pre‐launch testing of Hotline Miami 2. Community Events 00:01:23 Past Events CS: GO [] Worms: Reloaded [] Don’t Starve Together [] Guns of Icarus Online [] Double Action: Boogaloo [http://

  • s03e04?– Low-key Guest

    28/02/2015 Duración: 02h18min

    Cheese, DerRidda and Nemoder have a humble chat with epic game porter, Ryan C. Gordon, followed by discussion of news relevant to the SteamLUG community. Introduction 00:00:16 Cheeseness (@ValiantCheese) 00:00:17 Nemoder 00:00:20 DerRidda (@DerRidda) 00:00:24 Ryan C. Gordon (@icculus) Chat with Ryan C. Gordon 00:00:49 Ryan’s History [] 00:01:21 Loki Games [] [] 00:01:42 Participated in LokiHack [] [] 00:03:20 After demise of Loki Games in 2001, Ryan continued as a contractor, porting games to Linux & Mac OS X 00:03:34 Working at Loki Games led to the creation of some well‐known open‐source tools like SDL and OpenAL [] [] 00:06:32 SDL being open source has allowed contributions that enable obscure targets like Sega Dreamcast or Haiku [] 00:09:29 The Humble Bundle and its Humble Indie

  • s03e03?– Rearranged

    14/02/2015 Duración: 01h01min

    DerRidda, Cheese and Bean discuss the last fortnight’s gaming news and SteamLUG community happenings including Dying Light, Grim Fandango Remastered, Apotheon, SteamLUG Community Curation and more. Introduction 00:00:15 Cheese (@ValiantCheese) 00:00:17 bean (@beansmyname) 00:00:20 DerRidda (@DerRidda) Our Gaming 00:00:39 bean has been playing BL: TPS (Lady Hammerlock DLC), Grim Fandango Remastered (tank controls and original graphics), Borderlands 2, Guns of Icarus Online, Cosmochoria, Syder Arcade, Beat Hazard, Assault Android Cactus, Starbound, Zen Bound 2, Natural Selection 2, Little Racers STREET 00:01:50 DerRidda has been playing CS:GO, Dying Light, Fahrenheit, Pulsar: Lost Colony, Starbound 00:02:10 Cheese has been playing Apotheon, Guns of Icarus Online, Race The Sun, Portal 2, Massive Chalice, Assault Android Cactus, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Starbound, Another World, Grim Fandango, Violett, Chasm, Invisible Inc. SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:04:20 Past events Little Racers STREET [http://steamc

  • s03e02?– First Person Shooter Racer RPG Simulation Games

    01/02/2015 Duración: 37min

    DerRidda, Bean and Nemoder discuss the last fortnight’s gaming news and SteamLUG community happenings including Steam bugs,, SteamOS, Oddworld New 'N' Tasty, Dying Light, AudioSurf 2, Shadowrun Hong Kong and more! Introduction 00:00:20 DerRidda (@DerRidda) 00:00:23 bean (@beansmyname) 00:00:25 Nemoder ([]) Our Gaming 00:00:32 Beans has been playing Borderlands: Pre-Sequel, Natural Selection 2, Cosmochoria, Assault Android Cactus, Left 4 Dead 2 00:01:30 Nemoder has been playing Guns of Icarus, Natural Selection 2, Rexaura, Dwarf Fortress, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Civ: BE, Space Farmers, Escape Goat 2 00:02:23 DerRidda has been playing CS:GO, Star Wars: Dark Forces, The Witcher 2 SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:04:28 Past events Left 4 Dead 2 [] Trine [] Empire: Total War 2 [

  • s03e01?– Ghost Whisperers

    14/01/2015 Duración: 36min

    Corben, Bean and Cheese discuss the last fortnight's gaming news and SteamLUG community happenings including the new Team Fortress 2, community stats, OSVR, GOL's GOTY awards, Steam machines, Skullgirls, Broken Age, Gunpoint and more! Introduction 00:00:18 Cheeseness (@ValiantCheese) is joined by 00:00:20 Corben (@Corben78) and 00:00:21 bean (@beansmyname) Our Gaming 00:00:34 Corben has been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty:Modern Warfare (wine), Guns of Icarus Online, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Castle Crashers and Dynablaster Revenge 00:02:19 Bean found time for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Flashout 2, Cosmochoria, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Guns of Icarus Online 00:02:43 Cheese had fun with Flashout 2, Shovel Knight, Guns of Icarus Online and Violett SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:05:08 Past Events 00:05:10 Planetary Annihilation [] 00:05:24 DotA 2 for Beginners [

  • s02e26?– Steamy Regards

    12/01/2015 Duración: 01h44min

    This year’s hosts recap recent Linux gaming happenings and then take you on a reflective journey through the wonderous 2014 with all the seriousness and reverence it deserves. Introduction 00:00:28 Cheeseness (@ValiantCheese) forgets to introduce himself 00:00:30 DerRidda (@DerRidda) 00:00:34 meklu (@mnarikka) 00:00:37 bean (@beansmyname) 00:00:40 Mim (@MimLofBees) Our Gaming 00:01:04 DerRidda played Counterstrike:GO, Metro 2033 Redux, NEO Scavenger, Natural Selection 2, Starbound, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 00:03:05 Mim played Dead Island, Sword & Sworcery, Guns of Icarus, Appointment with F.E.A.R, Don't Starve 00:04:24 meklu fell in love with Lovely Planet, played lots of Counterstrike:GO, also some Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, FOTONICA, The Talos Principle, Little Racers STREET 00:08:34 Bean played Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Guns of Icarus Online, Binding of Isaac:Rebirth, Beat Hazard, Costume Quest 2, Democracy 3, Little Racers STREET, Cosmochoria, Jets'n'Guns Gold 00:10:12 Cheeseness played C

  • s02e25?– Two Professionals One Cast

    08/01/2015 Duración: 34min

    Our duo Cheese and DerRidda deftly step past a recording hiccough and discuss Handmade Penguin, the Steam Holiday Auction, BioShock Infinite, Civilization: Beyond Earth, 7DFPS and more! Introduction 00:00:18 Cheese @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:20 @DerRidda 00:00:22 Once more, with feeling... Our Gaming 00:00:32 @DerRidda has been playing CS:GO, Deponia and The Last Federation 00:00:47 @ValiantCheese has been playing some 7dfps games, Satellite Reign, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Distance and Shovel Knight SteamLUG Community News 00:01:16 Altitude event [] 00:01:36 Screencheat [] 00:01:48 TF2 [] 00:01:49 CS:GO [] 00:01:56 Upcoming post-cast No More Room in Hell [] 00:02:04

  • s02e20?– Freedom Cheese

    12/12/2014 Duración: 01h08min

    Cheese, DerRidda and Nemoder chat about the Steam Discovery update, the Saxxies, Virtual Reality, Civilisation: Beyond Earth and more! Introduction 00:00:17 @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:19 @DerRidda 00:00:22 Nemoder Our Games 00:00:41 @DerRidda has been lost in Wasteland 2, DotA 2, Strife, Tropico 5, HL2: Ep1 & Ep2, CS:GO, Borderlands 2 00:07:48 Nemoder played some Tropico 5, Guns of Icarus Online, Descent 1 via Rebirth: [] 00:09:17 @ValiantCheese has been playing some Chasm, Guns of Icarus Online, Crypt of the Necrodancer SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:13:33 Our past events: Frozen Synapse [] No More Room in Hell [] Planetary Annihilation [] Orbital Gear [] 00:15:01 Upcoming events: Bo

  • s02e21?– Wonder Boy

    12/12/2014 Duración: 48min

    We have four hosts to take you through the previous fortnight's Linux Gaming News, and we discuss our kickstarter funded projects and expectations. Enjoy! Introduction 00:00:10 @Corben78 introduces... 00:00:18 @ValiantCheese 00:00:22 @DerRidda 00:00:24 Nemoder Our Gaming 00:00:33 @Corben78 played Alien: Isolation (on Windows) :( 00:01:41 @ValiantCheese played Sanctum 2, Papo & Yo, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Pulsar 00:02:33 @DerRidda has been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PULSAR: Lost Colony, A Golden Wake 00:04:24 Nemoder played Crusader Kings 2, Guns of Icarus Online, Tropico 5, Factorio 00:04:53 @Corben78 also played Left 4 Dead 2, Gas Guzzlers: Extreme SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:06:03 Past Events: Borderlands 2 [] CrusaderKings 2 [] Tropico 5 [] Team Fortress 2 [http://steamcommunity.c

  • s02e23?– The Children Need to Learn the Hard Truth

    12/12/2014 Duración: 01h13min

    We have a terse look at the last fortnight's gaming news, discuss some recent crowdfunding campaigns of interest, chat about programmers doing livestreams, and Cheese reports on PAX Australia. Introduction 00:00:18 @johndrinkwater introduces... 00:00:20 @DerRidda 00:00:22 @ValiantCheese Our Gaming 00:00:33 @DerRidda has played a little CS:GO, some FTL 00:00:53 @johndrinkwater played some Borderlands 2 (Offline) and some CS:GO 00:02:00 @ValiantCheese played Crypt of the Necrodancer and a little Massive Chalice SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:02:33 Past Events Killing Floor [] TF2 [] Dead Island [] Guns of Icarus Online [] Hoard [] 00:05:20 Upcoming Events Double Action: Boogalo

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