I Don't Want To Go Home: The Oral History Of The Stone Pony
  • Por Nick Corasaniti
  • Duración: 11:10:57
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: HarperCollins USA

A captivating oral history of the iconic music venue the Stone Pony and of the rise, fall, and rebirth of Asbury Park, New Jersey—featuring interviews with Bruce Springsteen,...

Under The Wave At Waimea
  • Por Paul Theroux
  • Duración: 18:20:07
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: HarperCollins USA

“Theroux’s work is like no one else’s.” –Francine Prose, New York Times Book ReviewFrom legendary writer Paul Theroux comes an atmospheric novel...

The Bright Ages: A New History Of Medieval Europe
  • Por Matthew Gabriele
  • Duración: 9:30:15
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: HarperCollins USA

"Traveling easily through a thousand years of history, The Bright Ages reminds us society never collapsed when the Roman Empire fell, nor did the modern world did wake...

Ai! Pedrito!: When Intelligence Goes Wrong
  • Por L. Ron Hubbard
  • Duración: 8:50:47
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: Firebrand Cloud Publisher Key

A rollicking and unpredictable adventure through the world of spies and double agents, lovers and enemies (often one and same). It has been said that somewhere in the world you...

  • Por Duncan Clark
  • Duración: 9:10:10
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: HarperCollins USA

An engrossing, insider’s account of how a teacher built one of the world’s most valuable companies—rivaling Walmart & Amazon—and forever reshaped the...

Lola On Fire: A Novel
  • Por Rio Youers
  • Duración: 11:49:26
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: HarperCollins USA

Arthur Ellis Award finalist Rio Youers combines vengeance and deceit, love and bullets, secrets, and twists in this high-octane action thriller with a vibrant emotional core.Brody...

The Dakota Winters
  • Por Tom Barbash
  • Duración: 8:37:51
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: Simon & Schuster UK

By turns hilarious and poignant, The Dakota Winters is a family drama, a compelling social novel, and a tale of a critical moment in the history of New York City in the year...

Prisoner Of Conscience: One Man's Crusade For Global Human And Religious Rights
  • Por Frank Wolf
  • Duración: 7:31:47
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: Zondervan

What’s a congressman from Virginia doing in places where bullets fly and babies starve?Thirty years ago, Frank Wolf was elected to the U.S. Congress to address local...

Long for This World
  • Por Jonathan Weiner
  • Duración: 8:31:35
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: HarperCollins USA

“[A] searching and surprisingly witty look at the scientific odds against tomorrow.”—Timothy FerrisJonathan Weiner—winner of the  Pulitzer Prize, the...

Conquering the Seven Summits of Sales
  • Por Susan Ershler
  • Duración: 5:36:39
  • Narrador: Jim Meskimen
  • Editor: HarperCollins USA

Two experts who have summited the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents—and scaled the highest peaks in corporate sales and business—examine what it takes...